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Our Padi courses

We hold courses for beginners and for certified divers.

All courses are taught by PADI qualified instructors who speak English, italian end spanish.

Below you will find links for details and prices of the various courses

Discover Scuba Diving / Try Dive


You have never dived, but want to discover the wonders of the world under water? This is the course for you.



Observe the wonders of the marine world from the surface! We will take you to discover the enchanting black beaches of Tenerife, where you can admire a great variety of flora and fauna. You will be surprised by how much underwater life lives almost on the surface.

Padi Open Water Diver


Divers describe the PADI Rescue Diver course as the most challenging, but it is the most rewarding course they have ever taken.

Padi Advanced Open Water Diver

Expand your horizons !!!

The AOWC course is aimed at those divers who want to improve their skills, expand their horizons and experience new sensations.

Padi Open Water Rescue


Divers describe the PADI Rescue Diver course as the most challenging, but it is the most rewarding course they have ever taken.

Padi Divemaster

divamaster (1)

Are you ready to take the leap to the first professional level of PADI? Do you want to learn how to be a dive leader? Do you want to hone your diving skills ?

Specialty Courses

Deep Diver​ Padi


The charm of depth. In diving, there is something fascinating and mysterious about exploring the deeper sites. Sometimes it’s a wreck that attracts you tp dive beyond 1mt and, during wall dives, it could be a gorgonian or a giant sponge.

Wreck Diver Padi


Whether they were sunk purposely to create artificial reefs for divers or the result of an accident, wrecks are fascinating windows into the past. Ships, airplanes, and even automobiles are fascinating to explore and are usually filled with aquatic life

Padi Search And Recovery


Sometimes it happens, while on a boat or while diving, you lose something in the water. If you’ve ever lost something in the water and wanted to find it, then the PADI Search and Recovery course is for you. 

Emergency First Responce EFR


Emergency First Response training focuses on increasing the safety of lay rescuers in their abilities and their willingness to intervene in the event of a medical emergency.

Padi Nitrox


In addition to the nitrox equipment considerations, you will learn why, by diving with air that contains more oxygen and less nitrogen, you have more bottom time. 

Padi Dry Suit​

Do you want to stay warm? Do you want to extend your diving season? So… dive dry. Even in surprisingly cold water, a dry suit insulates you and keeps you comfortable.

Padi Oxigen Provider​


Knowing how and when to use emergency oxygen is a great skill to have, and when needed, it means being ready to help others. 

Padi Peak Performance Buoyancy


Excellent buoyancy control is what defines skilled scuba divers. You’ve seen them underwater. They glide effortlessly, 

Padi Tec Rec Courses

Padi Tec 40


The PADI Tec 40 course is the transition point from recreational to technical diving. It is the first stage of the complete PADI Tec Diver course, and it acts as a bridge between non-stop diving and deep decompression technique.

Padi Tec 45


The PADI Tec 45 course is the second part of the full PADI Tec Deep Diver program. You will extend your depth limit to 45 meters / 145 feet, and learn to plan and perform repetitive decompression dives using a single stage / decompression tank. 

Padi Tec 50


The third part of the entire PADI Tec Deep Diver program is the Tec 50. As a Tec 50 diver, you will demonstrate that you have developed proficiency as a technical diver and have the skills to dive to a maximum depth of 50 meters.

Diving for beginners and diving certificates of various levels

The course you are looking for in Tenerife is waiting for you. Follow the call of the sea, entrust yourself to our expert instructors! Get up close and personal with the underwater world for the first time or get your missing PADI diving license, including Open Water Advanced Diving and PADI Rescue Diver.