DPV underwater scooter (dive propulsion vehicle)

DPV underwater scooter

Discover the emotions of exploring new dive sites while saving energy and air consumption.

You’ll be able to reach places that other divers can’t explore without the DPV, and even familiar sites will feel completely new to you.

Try it and you won’t be able to do without it anymore!

Our DPV scooters are the SUEX model, and being top of the range they are reliable and efficient.


Be certified at least as an Open Water Diver

Be at least 14 years old

Have at least 25 logged dives or have previously participated in dives with our instructor

Course progress:

-Independent study with Padi E-Learning manual

-Theoretical lesson in class with practical tests on the use and functioning of the DPV.

-Preparation of equipment and DPV.

-First dive with training in the use of the DPV

-Second underwater exploration of a dive site


– e-learning manual and certification (in case of Padi Specialty diver DPV course)

– diving equipment (in case of Padi Specialty diver DPV course and diving without certification)

Programs and courses:

1 dive with DPV Without certification €140.00

2 dives in one day with DPV without certification €230.00

2 diving courses with Padi Specialty Diver DPV certification €299.00

Divers already in possession of a DPV certification

2 dives in one day €159.00

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