Surf in Tenerife

Every day we set the time of our surf lessons depending on when we can get the best conditions, considering the surfing forecasts and above all, the tide level. If your accommodation is located in the zone of Costa Adeje – specifically in the area from Callao Salvaje to Los Cristianos – we will come and pick you up with our van and take you to our surf school in Playa de Las Américas located 100 meters walking from the beach where we usually surf!

We get changed in the school, where we leave all our valuables in complete safety. We take the equipment and walk to the beach where we will start our lesson with a warm up session.

During the technique session at the beach we will give you specific instructions depending on your level, in order to help you improve your posture on the board, the way you stand up and, hopefully, to do turns or advanced maneuvers.
In the water you will be able to practise under the instructions of our team of surf instructors, with over 10 years of experience of surfing and teaching.


For beginners, we will stay in the first line of white water, where waves are gentle and easy to catch. For the most experienced, we will go to the line up where we will teach you how to catch green waves – before they break – get the direction and turn on the waves.

After the session in the water, we will be back to the school where you can have a shower and get changed before we take you back to your accommodation.

Even though the surf lesson lasts 2 hours, consider that for the whole experience with us you will need at least 4 hours, from the moment we pick you up until we take you back home!

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Each group surf lesson with Surf Life Tenerife has a maximum ratio of 1 instructor per 6 students. It is the best way to try our beautiful sport and keep on improving while also meeting new people and sharing good vibes! With beginners, our instructors never get into the water with a board, but always wearing flippers on their feet, in order to help our students to get to the line up – where we start paddling – and push them into the waves.

Children can join group surf lessons starting from 13 years old. We also organise group surf lessons for intermediate surfers!


It is the best experience to share with your kids! During the private family surf lesson one of our instructors will be fully available to ensure the fun and safety of kids and parents!

The private family surf lesson starts from 3 participants up to a maximum of 5.

Starting from 6 people, we will apply the same quote of a group lesson. Depending on the children’s age, an assistant will get into the water to help out during the lesson! ​ The minimum age for kids to join the private family surf lesson is 5 years old.
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One private instructor will adapt to your needs, whether you are moving the first step into our sport or you want to  improve your technique! The semi private surf lesson is recommended for:
• couples
• 2 friends
• a parent with a child
2 children together – one of them starting from 5 years old and the other one starting from 9 years old (if both children are less than 9 years old, one private instructor for each one of them is recommended to ensure their safety)


Whether it is your first time and you want to learn it really fast, or you already have experience of surfing and want to have a teacher help you improve your technique, one of our instructors will be there for you. A 1:1 surf lesson is for sure the best way to get the most of your surfing experience.
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All the lessons with Surf Life Tenerife come with TRANSFER from your accommodation to the school at the beach and back, with our 9 seats Surf – Van.
All the transfers will take place from the accomodations in between Callao Salvaje/Marazul and Los Cristianos.
Further transfers will depend on the availability.

Diving for beginners and diving certificates of various levels

The course you are looking for in Tenerife is waiting for you. Follow the call of the sea, entrust yourself to our expert instructors! Get closer to the underwater world for the first time or get the PADI diving license you are missing.