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Freediving courses in Tenerife

Freediving is a sport practice that consists of voluntary breath-holding, on the water surface and underwater. We can spend days without eating, hours without drinking, but only a few minutes without breathing. It’s a completely unnatural action, but at the same time it leads you to better discover yourself, allowing you to experience the power of your mind, in contact with that magical element that is water.

In a world that moves very quickly, one of the best ways to recover this lost contact is to go back to our roots: freediving in Tenerife is pure well-being. You won’t find it at extreme depths, you’ll live it simply by staying in the water. Of course, holding your breath is a completely unnatural action, but getting to live this dimension enables you to achieve a good relationship with yourself. How does this happen?

At the core of our freediving courses there is breathing. If you breathe well, you can control your heartbeat and your mind. Breathing is at the heart of emotional balance, allowing you to meet positive energy to challenge yourself and your fears. Breathing consciously is the first step to make you listen to your own body again, staying focused on yourselves and your emotions, helping you understand and face what stresses you and allowing you to figure out what makes you happy. Breathing in the right way and being in apnea increase the degree of concentration on our actions, enabling you to re-discover the strength of your mind, which is able to overcome any obstacle that life presents.

Apnea Life Tenerife believes that freediving is not about numbers, but about emotions. We will never care about how long you stay underwater, or how many meters deep your best performance will be. Our only concern is for you to make the most of your experience in the water through greater awareness. By doing so, you will break any records you thought you could achieve by holding your breath - without you even noticing. But this is our little secret, don’t tell anyone! 

Each freediving course will be organised according to the teaching method of Apnea Academy in order to encourage students to become more aware of their opportunities to enjoy their contact with water and with themselves. Courses will be organised in:

  • Freediving theory and physiology lessons;

  • Relaxing and breathing sessions;

  • Training sessions at the swimming pool;

  • Training sessions by the sea, at the fantastic bay of La Caleta and other locations with greater depths (boats will be used if necessary);



The purpose of the Apnea Discovery course with Apnea Life Tenerife is to offer a safe and easy approach to the freediving world. The freediving course will be oriented to a first exploration of  breathing and relaxation techniques, in order for the student to familiarise with this sport with a positive mental attitude coming from an experience of well- being. The aim of the freediving beginner course is to allow students to discover their own potential by going underwater not to look around, but to look within themselves, generating an unprecedented change in
their life.

5 HOURS - 85€
10 HOURS - 150€



The purpose of the Level 1  course is to set the basis to instruct students to practice freediving in an aware and satisfactory level. In a more specific way than the discovery course, the contents of the freediving beginner course level 1 will be oriented towards the technical study of breathing and relaxation in order to facilitate the students to improve their sensations underwater.

The aim of the freediving course is to create a change in the way in which our students experience their relation with water, allowing them to acknowledge the basis for a greater safety and awareness in the management of their body and emotions in the marine environment.

30 HOURS - 330€


The purpose of the Level 2 freediving course is to improve the techniques of the freedivers who completed the level 1 course. In a more specific way than the previous module, the contents of this course will be oriented to the introduction of muscle mechanics and the specific training for a freediver, with a technical study of the breathing, pranayama and relaxation techniques aimed at improving the freediver’s performance underwater.

The ultimate goal of the level 2 freediving course is to set the basis for a freediver’s technical training
aimed at developing their athletic skills.

30 HOURS - 350€


The purpose of the Level 3 freediving course  is to apply the training techniques analized during the second level in order to increase the performance through advanced techniques of equalization, relaxation, breathing and mental training.

The ultimate goal of the level 3 freediving course is to create independent freedivers who can plan their specific training in order to increase their performance underwater.

30 HOURS - 370€


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