About us

About Scubafriends Tenerife

Scubafriends Tenerife is not simply a diving center but also a venue that offers highly qualified instructor, fun diving, activities for non-diving friends or family and above all promoting the maximum respect for our environment.

Out love for diving has taken us to many of the world's best diving sites and in the end led to developing our experience as PADI instructors.

Our aim is to offer our clients a personalized and quality service.

We formed Scubafriends Tenerife to realize a dream, to make our hobby a lifestyle and to share our passion with other divers, helping them to explore the wonderful unknown underwater world. We also want to share and spread our passion for the conservation and knowledge of the marine environment as well as its importance, not only for our present and future life but also as a tourist economic resource, promoting its knowledge and value.

We do NOT want to be just another diving center, we want to become a reference point both for safe diving and for the knowledge and protection of the marine environment. For this reason, our team is made up of experienced divers.

The Owner

Diver from 2004 is Technical diver with Trimix 66 certification and Tec 50 Instructor, the founder of Scubafriends Tenerife has always been passionate about diving and freediving. The target? To transmit the love for the marine world to anyone who wishes to discover it.

Salvatore Giglione

My name is Salvatore Giglione, I began to fall in love with marine wonders from an early age initially as a freediver.

I can still clearely remember my first scuba dive since 2004... ... .. from that moment I wnd diving whenever and wherever I could, from tropical seas, to thw Itlian lakes near home, under the ice of alpine lakes, in river rapids and ocean currents.

I worked with an Italian diving school for 10 years, always doing my best to transmit to others my passion for diving and the joy of discovering diverse marine life. ​ Consequently I specialized in technical diving up to the Trimix 66 certification and then qualified as instructor up to Tec 50.

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