10 things to know about diving

Our planet is made up of 97% water, our body 70%, before being born we spend the first 9 months of life in water, why not continue living there by diving in Tenerife?

10 things to know to start diving

1 You will meet people from all over the world.

You will discover different cultures and different ways of living. Every person you meet will leave you something of their own.

2 You will make new friends.

The passion for the sea leads to having common interests and why not, even love, with which you will share unique moments.

3 You will travel the world.

You will discover enchanting places and totally different backdrops, diving in Tenerife, for example you will admire fantastic volcanic landscapes that will leave you speechless.

4 Safe activity.

Scuba diving equipment has been proven and safe for a long time, in fact there is a wide range of models and brands that meet the high safety standards, making it easy and safe to dive.

5 You will increase your cultural level.

Starting with the Open water Diver Padi course, you will have to study a theoretical part of physics, chemistry and physiology of the human body.

Your thirst for knowledge will increase and you will want to know more and more, for example how deep can you dive? Diving in Tenerife, being an ocean, the depths reach over 2000 meters but for man the world record was 332.35 meters, held by Ahmed Gabr, achieved in the Red Sea near the Blue Hole in Dahab.

6 You can dive without a license.

That’s right, it’s so easy, safe and fun, you can dive even without a licence.

We can take you diving in Tenerife in complete safety, with new and quality diving equipment. We will take you to the beaches that best suit your needs to let you discover how wonderful our sea is. For more information, visit the page dedicated to our diving courses.

7 Let yourself be guided by diving experts in Tenerife.

Wherever you go diving you will find different situations, tides, currents, visibility, aquatic life and many other variables, in fact relying on local guides will allow you not to miss the best places and know what you are seeing. Our passion is to dive in Tenerife, and we never get tired of taking our customers who will then become Friends, to the best sites, for this we invite you to click on the link below and choose your diving package in Tenerife: https ://scubafriendstenerife.com/guided-dives

8 Living in no gravity.

How many times did we dream of flying as children?

I believe that everyone has tried it at least once and remember it as a good feeling.

Scuba diving equipment allows us to experience this fantastic feeling of well-being and freedom, making us feel like children again at any age.

9 You will leave your thoughts above water.

Many of the people I know, including me, have confirmed to me that when you dive, all thoughts vanish as if by magic, making sure that during the entire dive time, stress, work and problems of everyday life remain outside, leaving us enjoy a moment of our own.

10 Respect for the environment.

Last but not least, respect for the environment. Unfortunately in recent years pollution and ecological disasters are endangering our seas and our health, by diving you will understand and see with your own eyes how fragile our sea is. By diving you can participate in the cleaning events of the seas and beaches. You will do something useful for yourself but above all for our fantastic planet.

These are just 10 tips that I want to give you to understand how wonderful it is to be able to dive in Tenerife, to diving equipment, whether you have a patent or not, we’ll take care of it, you just have to remember to bring so many smiles that you will need when you leave the waterfall!!