Eating in Tenerife

In this article, I want to share with you the secrets of the food scene in Tenerife. Indeed, Tenerife is far from being not just diving in Tenerife, but also a gastronomic experience..

Tenerife menus offer a wide variety of meat, fish, vegetables, and several local wines.

Of particular interest, the Guachinche, these are rustic local restaurants, usually in farms or vineyards that offer genuine local food.

Lest start with the appetizers:

The typical starter is bread served with a series of coloured sauces known as “Mojo”. An orange one made from peppers, a green one made from coriander and another with a mayonnaise base. Another typical starter is “Pimento del Padron”, baby sweet peppers and cheese with chutneys.

Fish courses

Although we Tenerife divers prefer to see fish swimming alive in the sea, we also don’t dislike eating some wonderful fish dishes in one of the many fish restaurants, our favourite is the Confradia dei Pescatori. These small restaurants owned by fishermen serve fresh fish daily, the menus depend on what is caught and normally include: bream, sea bass, barracuda, moray eels, parrot fish and fried octopus.

Meat dishes

Although Tenerife is an island it offers some excellent meat dishes. Some of the island specialities include locally grown pork cooked on a charcoal grill, goat meat stew, and all sorts of cuts of beef and pork. Also, try one of the old meat soup recopies like Rancho canario and Ropa Vieja that go back generations.

Side dishes

The Agricultural markets offer a variety of freshly grown vegetables, very different from the mass-produced varieties we are used to finding on our supermarket shelves. In particular the Papas Arrugada a variety of tiny potato that was traditionally cooked in seawater.


The most renowned Canarian cheeses are made from goat’s milk and come in many forms shapes and sizes. They can be eaten fresh, matured, grilled or barbequed.


The volcanic terrain of Tenerife is ideal for growing vines. The wine production is limited but of excellent quality and there is a good selection both of red and white wines.

So, if you have decided to dive in Tenerife, you will find an excellent variety of food and wines to make your holiday unforgettable. We will be delighted to accompany you to tase some of our delicious food and drink a few glasses of our excellent wine.