Terms and conditions

Read this section and the Privacy Policy carefully before purchasing products or services on our site. The terms and conditions listed below are contractual and not a mere recitation and in any case regulated by current community laws.

In this section you will find the following chapters:

PURCHASE OF GOODS: products, diving equipment, accessories, books, gadgets etc. Goods that must be physically transferred from our warehouse to the location specified by the buyer.

PURCHASE OF SERVICES: diving, diving packages, diving courses, equipment and boat rental. Services in general provided by our Diving Centers in specific destinations.


Every proposed purchase of our products is governed by these legal terms to the exclusion of any other terms.

All products are subject to availability

All orders are subject to our acceptance.

The evaluation of the quality, quantity and description of the products cannot be made through the site despite you becoming aware of them through it, as the images on the site are not always accurate. We reserve the right to correct errors and omissions in pricing and information without limitation.


The delivery costs of the goods ordered to Scubafriends SLU are not usually included in the purchase price of the goods themselves.

The cost of shipping depends on the weight, volume and final destination of the goods.

For an exact evaluation of shipping costs it is important to select the destination country, if you have not already done so, click on the menu at the top left (the one with the colored flags) now select your destination country. After that, just add the desired product to the cart to view the exact shipping cost.

The shipment is made with notice and will take place within 72 hours of the order, unless communicated by Scubafriends SLU

If multiple items are ordered, some deliveries may take longer than others.

The day of delivery is only estimated. We could not provide you with the exact date as there may be reasons beyond our control.

Any defect in quality or condition of the products must be notified within 10 days of delivery.

You will be able to specify the delivery method and a different country from the one chosen on the home page during the procedure called “go to checkout”.

There are some countries where we cannot accept the risk of loss of goods for which we do not accept orders.

Risks of damage or loss will be at the expense of the customer from the moment of actual delivery.

We will not send material to addresses other than the one on the credit card.

No shipments are made to post office boxes, hotels, pensions, barracks, public places.


Payment is consequential to the order.

Payment will be charged to the card following dispatch of the goods.

Our catalog and website prices can be paid in different currencies.

It should be noted that payment by card will be charged in euros or US dollars depending on the choice made on the home page. Other currencies are for informational and comparative purposes only. The exchange rate is updated automatically and may sometimes have differences.

For payment you can use credit cards, Mastercard and Visa, bank transfer and PayPal.

All catalog and website prices are subject to change without notification of update to avoid any increase in costs for us.

In order to protect credit card owners from fraud/misuse we will report any cases of unauthorized card use to the authorities.


Ownership of the product will pass to the customer once payment is completed.

Scubafriends SLU exercises all its ownership rights in all promoted products and trademarks.


All products comply with Spanish and European standards.

All products comply with the European guarantee and details are disclosed upon request.

In the event of a product defect we will replace it and if this is not possible we will provide full compensation for the purchase (or part of the price).


Any product subject to exchange must be notified to Scubafriends by formally requesting it to the email address: [email protected], specifying the order number, the date of purchase, the reason for the return.

Any product purchased and returned due to the wrong size will be replaced with the correct size under the following conditions:

the product must never have been used.

the product must be returned as new.

the product must be returned in the intact original packaging.

the product must be returned within 7 days of receipt.

We reserve the right not to accept the return if it is not deemed suitable for sale.

Each defective product delivered will be replaced with another of the same or equal characteristics without additional costs under the following conditions:

the product must be returned in the intact original packaging.

the defect must not have been caused after delivery.

the product must not have undergone mechanical shock.

the product must not have been tampered with, opened or disassembled.

the product must not have been used improperly.

before replacement the product must be analyzed by our technicians in order to ensure that the previous points are satisfied.


If the goods shipped are to be shipped and used outside the European Union it is the buyer’s duty to ensure that the product can be shipped and used in his country and that the particular specifications do not infringe any applicable local laws.

No refunds are made (with the exception of cases of defect) for purchases in countries outside the European Union

In the event of an incorrect size (wetsuit and BCD, excluding cylinders), the products sent to countries outside the European Union can be replaced but customers will have to cover the shipping cost for the return and new delivery.

Right to cancel the order Pursuant to art.5 DL 185/1999: if the customer is a consumer he has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract. it is possible to cancel the order and return the products, receiving a refund within 7 days from the time of delivery. To cancel the entire order or part of it, you must notify us by sending an email to [email protected].

Each product purchased and returned for the right to cancel the order will be accepted and therefore refunded under the following conditions:

the product must never have been used.

the product must be returned as new.

the product must be returned in the original intact packaging.

the product must be returned within 7 days of receipt.



Your contract is concluded with Scubafriends SLU, Avenida Rafael Puig Lluvina 9 , 38660 Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

We will take care of making all the arrangements necessary to provide the various services you have booked with us. Before your booking is confirmed and the contract enters into force we reserve the right to increase or decrease the prices shown on the website. The contract between you and us will only come into force when you receive the email confirming your booking.

Payment is due upon reconfirmation of your order. At the time your order is placed we will pre-authorise your card which means the amount is reserved and deducted from your spending limit, but the funds are not deducted (and therefore will not appear on your statement) until the reconfirmation email for your booking is sent. The charge to your card will be reported as Scubafriends SLU.

During high season periods such as Christmas and Easter (and others) if the request totally exceeds the availability of seats on our boats, supplements may be applied to the costs of the diving services offered. Surcharges that may occur on certain dates do not necessarily mean that additional services or supplementary services are provided. The cost of these supplements will in any case be included in the cost of the services in relation to the date of the diving for which the purchase price will be the final price.

Please use the email we send you to reconfirm your booking as a voucher, and then please print a copy and bring it with you. You will need it during check-in at the diving center where you booked your diving package/diving course.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you can participate in the diving activities you book in accordance with the required certification and the dives recorded in your dive log. Please note the following: – All divers included in your booking must hold an internationally recognized diving licence. The license must be presented at the diving center at check-in. –  All divers must be in good health and in case of recent medical history have a medical certificate (no older than 1 year) certifying suitability for scuba diving. A copy of our registration form, including the medical questionnaire, can be downloaded from the booking page. Note: A positive response to any question in the medical questionnaire implies the presentation of the medical certificate.

For your safety and enjoyment you may be required to attend a check dive or scuba review before starting your dive package. These are carried out in confined water and at least the day before the start of the diving activity. If necessary, please book them in advance with your dive package to ensure the presence of diving center staff on the day you have chosen for the service. Please check below when you need to:

Check Dive

If you have a first level certification with no more than 50 dives recorded in your log book and more than six months have passed since the date of your last dive.

If you have any other certification and more than a year has passed since your last dive.

Scuba Review

If you have any certification and more than 2 years have passed since the date of your last dive


If you wish to change any part of your diving program (diving package/dive course) after the invoice has been issued, we will do our best to make the change, but it may not be possible due to availability of places/staff/logistics . Any request for variation must be made in writing by the person who originally made the booking. If it is possible to make the change, the costs of the reservation will be charged‚ for administrative costs and the payment of any additional costs must be considered as a consequence of the change.

If a person listed in the reservation cannot reach the Scubafriends SLU destination due to health reasons, the death of a close relative, being a jury member or a serious reason, we agree that the reservation in that person’s name may be transferred in the name of another person who satisfies all the conditions applicable to the service booked (including health conditions, knowledge of the services, international authorizations to be able to practice the services, certifications, etc.). Both people must accept responsibility for paying in full the cost of the holiday and any additional costs arising from the exchange. For the transfer request we must be notified at least 14 days in advance. A fee equal to the booking will be applied per person for administrative costs.

If you or anyone else on the booking list decides to cancel the dive program (diving package/diving course) booked and purchased  we need to receive written notification of this. The cancellation will be made from the day on which the written confirmation is received. The penalty will be payable if the reservation is canceled less than 7 days later.

Airlines may sometimes change flight times without giving notice. For this reason you could miss a day or more of diving if you have already booked with us. Please note that no compensation can be made if we do not receive a written information note (email) 24 hours before departure for the  first day of diving.

Regardless of the reason, no refunds will be made for services not used at the destination. NOTE – Your travel insurance may include the inability to complete booked services. In the event that you are not able to complete the services purchased, our staff will be able to issue a certificate, which will show the services booked and those actually used, which can be used for your insurance company.

We do not consider reservations valid unless the deposit has been paid according to the methods listed.


We cannot guarantee any compensation if we are forced to cancel or change your booking in any way due to situations beyond our control which neither we nor our suppliers were able to foresee or prevent, despite all due care. Such situations include unavoidable transportation-related technical problems, changes forced by cancellation or postponement of flights by an airline or major charter lessors, change of airline or aircraft type, state of war or threat of declaration of war, civil strife, industrial disputes, natural disasters, bad weather, terrorist activities.

We reserve the right to cancel your diving reservation for any reason under any circumstances. However, we will not cancel your diving package/diving course during the 30 days prior to departure, unless for reasons beyond our control (see changes due to circumstances beyond our control). If we are forced to cancel your dive we will offer you:

An equivalent or very similar alternative service in terms of features and price, if available, or

We will provide a lower level of diving service and a refund of the price difference, or

A full refund of the amount paid. Compensation will also be paid as an offer for significant changes, unless the booking is canceled because you have not paid on time or due to circumstances beyond our control. No compensation will be paid if the booking is canceled because the number of people who have signed up is less than the minimum number of people required and you have been informed of the cancellation in writing within the period indicated in the package description.


We always carefully check the information in our brochures regarding accommodation, courses, itineraries etc., ensuring that it is all correct at the time of going to print (February 2005), but as the brochures are written in advance, some aspects advertised may have changed, furthermore changes may be implemented regarding details described on this site. In these circumstances we will notify you of changes before you book. Tours, excursions, cruises, or itineraries may be modified due to local conditions. Circumstances such as these, or weather conditions, time of year etc, may cause anomalies which we have described as unavoidable or different from what is advertised in the brochures. If we are made aware of any significant or long-term changes, we will always attempt to warn you before your departure.

We work continuously to keep our advertising material up to date, so if you find that something needs to be changed please let us know so that we can correct it.


The weather is becoming increasingly capricious and difficult to predict and we cannot be held responsible for any disruption to your diving holiday due to bad weather or unusual weather conditions. For further details regarding the temperature, wind and rainfall in the destination areas, please contact us or call us by phone, as being an island in the middle of the ocean, conditions change quickly and sometimes unpredictably.


In most of our destinations we offer water sports and other sporting activities, in some cases for free, in other cases for a fee, payment which varies according to the local price list. In the interest of your personal safety you may be required to demonstrate your skills (for example a test swim) before starting the activity and we reserve the right to refuse your request to participate for any reason if we feel that this could compromise your safety or that of other people.


Most people go on holiday for rest and relaxation, and if in our reasonable opinion, or that of the boat captain, Scubafriends SLU Manager, tour guide or other person in authority, your behavior is a source of danger, damage to property or persistently ruins the enjoyment of others, we reserve the right to terminate the provision of the services you have booked. If this occurs, no refund or compensation will be paid.


If you have any reason to complain during your holiday, you must contact the Scubafriends SLU secretariat.

The owner and his staff will do their best to rectify the situation. It is unreasonable to do nothing during the holiday and only write a letter of complaint upon returning. If you do not raise the matter immediately, this may undermine our investigative effectiveness and may compromise our ability to remedy the matter and may impact the way in which the case relating to your complaint is carried out.

If a problem remains unresolved during your holiday, you should make a written complaint to Scubafriends SLU within 10 days of the end of your last presence at our centre. We will respond to you within 30 days of receiving your letter.

mailto:[email protected]


It is becoming increasingly important to conserve the earth’s natural resources, its landscapes, flora and fauna.

We at Scubafriends SLU are also very careful about respecting the sea and its inhabitants.

We do not give food to animals for any reason and nothing must be collected from the sea.

We reserve the right to cancel dive activities for any diver who has not exercised reasonable care and respect for the environment in which the dive is being conducted.


If any part of the diving arrangements booked before your departure does not reach a reasonable standard, we will accept responsibility if this situation is due to a failure on our part or that of our agents or our suppliers or our staff. We are not responsible for death, personal injury or damage when not caused by our fault, or that of our agents, or suppliers or staff, but is caused by you or someone else unrelated to our organization. We are not responsible for death, personal injury or damage caused by unforeseeable circumstances which, despite all due care, we, or our agents or suppliers or staff, could not have prevented or avoided.


If any member of your party is killed or injured as a result of an activity as part of your booked dive package before departing your home country, we will assume responsibility if the death or injury is due to a failure on our part or our agents or our staff or our suppliers.

For claims not relating to personal injury, illness or death, if we are liable to you, we will have to pay an amount equal to the price paid for the diving package by the injured person (excluding insurance premiums and correction costs). pay the above maximum amount only if everything went wrong and you did not receive any benefits from the scuba diving. Where your enjoyment of certain days has been ruined, we will reasonably reimburse the relevant expenses.

In Spain it is mandatory to have diving insurance for all diving activities, if you do not have it we are authorized to proceed to provide you with an adequate policy for your diving stay.

If you declare to us that you have diving insurance, we are not required to verify its validity, therefore in the event of an accident not covered you will be required to pay in full all costs incurred, excluding Scubafriends SLU from any liability.

All our collaborators have civil liability insurance for professionals in the diving sector.


In the event that you decide to shorten your diving holiday, we regret that we are unable to provide any refunds to cover remaining uncompleted diving services, or to assist you with any related costs you may incur. Depending on your circumstances, your travel insurance may offer shortfall cover and we recommend that you contact your insurance company directly with any claims.


Correctness: We always carry out rigorous checks on the information that is shown on our website regarding accommodation, courses, itineraries etc., ensuring that everything is correct at the time it is added to the site. However, please note that schedule changes may occur, tours, excursions, cruises, or safari itineraries may be modified due to local conditions. Circumstances like these, or climatic conditions, time of year etc., can cause anomalies that we have defined as inevitable or different from what is advertised in the brochures. If we are made aware of any significant or long-term changes, we will always attempt to warn you before your departure.

Website copyright: The copyright in the material on this website is owned by SCUBAFRIENDS SLU and its suppliers. Your access to the site does not imply a license to reproduce and/or distribute this information. This means that you may not reproduce or distribute this information in any way.